Green Energy in the Americas

Green Energy in the Americas

Over the past decade, the world has moved to make great improvements in the development of safe and clean energy, renewable. Everything from solar wind power is becoming more popular than ever, which means that it is becoming easier to obtain. The first step to greater energy efficiency to improve the knowledge of the different types of green energy in America:

Solar energy: Solar energy is the most popular green energy in America, just because you can use it anywhere. The sunlight shines on every state, so all that is required to use this power is a solar system. In West Virginia, the solar energy is not only convenient, but it can also be used for tax credits, making a simple switch for many homeowners. The conversion of solar energy into usable energy is a great way to become more environmentally friendly.

Wind energy: West Virginia is slow, if it comes as a market leader for green energy in America. Due to its altitude, 1,500 feet (460 m) above sea level, benefited greatly from WV natural winds. And because of the mountainous terrain, wind turbines can be easily removed for optimum points for the production of energy. Wind energy is also an exceptional source of green energy in America because it creates virtually no waste.

Geothermal energy: it is hard to imagine that the Earth itself can generate power by pressure and heat, but it is possible. Geothermal energy is not beneficial everywhere, but that does not mean it is not a source of energy for some regions of the United States who have fault lines, such as California. This form of green energy may not be as popular as wind or solar, but still serves a great purpose.

Hydropower: electricity from hydropower, geothermal energy is similar in the fact that is not found anywhere in the United States alone, which may have an abundant water sources to use water power. Fortunately, West Virginia has few sources to get running water, which can be used in hydroelectric power. Cheat Lake and Lake summers are two main sources of hydroelectric power in WV.

Green Energy in America is different from country to country. If a single source can be abundant in one place, can not in another. West Virginia is special because it is home to almost every aspect of green energy. Solar, wind and hydroelectric power are important to the residents WV, which makes it one of the greenest states when it comes to energy.

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