Why You Should Use Indoor Grow Lights?

Why You Should Use Indoor Grow Lights?

Winters play havoc on the plants and the indoor grow lights provide solution to this problem. The gloomy weather with very less or sometimes no sunlight leave the indoor plants light-hungry and the indoor grow lights provide them with the necessary nourishment. There are 2 different types of grow lights: Fluorescent grow lights and LED grow lights.

The needs of the plants change as they grow and indoor grow lights fulfill the purpose since with the stages of the growth lighting needs are also more and we can install more lighting. The placement is also important and the grow lights can be set up at the desired distance with the stands and hangings available. The do-it-yourself kit is more customizable and can be assembled according to the requirement of the plant. Again with the growth stages changing every week, the temperature and wavelength spectrum also needs to be changed. This is possible only with indoor grow lights.

The adjustments and placement facility provided by the indoor grow lights have revolutionized the way indoor farming is perceived and the home garden lovers now have the choice to pick up a tropical plant to grow with these indoor grow lights available even if he lives in a very cold place. Cooler climates pose no risk to the plants anymore and the indoor plants can thrive and flourish under indoor grow lights installed for them.

LED grow lights

However care must be taken with regular inspection of the performance of these grow lights and plant’s need for its placement. Sometimes the LED grow lights are used with the different colored diodes to maintain the wavelength and the spectrum of light needs. Those saplings that require constant heat of higher degree must be given the HID which come with more heat generated for a seed to breed into a tree.

The demerits of the LED grow lights can be listed as comparative high initial costs, poor color rendering and limited depth penetration since such lights are not very popular in the markets yet. The future however is promising for the indoor grow lights and their usage will fast catch up as a hobby. These extremely low power consuming indoor grow lights with very long lamp life are able to filter the band of light it releases to those called for by the plant especially for the process of photosynthesis. Sometimes it is possible to mount two different types of indoor grow lights in the same fixture since the initial stages of vegetation requires metal halide bulbs while the same wattage high pressure sodium lights are essential for the flowering and fruiting phase. Thus exchangeable, switch operated double indoor grow lights or a combination lamp can be brought in for use.

Now that the advantages of indoor grow lights have come to be known to all, there is a huge demand for them in the markets. People choose them according to their needs and also the kind of foliage they wish to cultivate. The indoor grow lights thus make the raising of shrubs easier and possible even in places where no one can even dream of producing.

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