Why access:energy?

access:energy is nationally recognized within Kenya as a developer of cutting-edge technology, with the proven capability to generate energy at a cost three times lower per watt than commercially available systems. With our unique products, one of which recently received the Kenyan Presidential Award for Jua Kali Design and Innovation, we are taking small-scale generation of clean, renewable energy to a new level.

Each system that we design is based on extensive renewable energy research conducted throughout East Africa. We use existing data in combination with our own site measurements and wind mapping to assess available energy resources, meaning that our ability to provide customized systems is unmatched. Much of this research is done in close collaboration with a number of partner organizations, such as Yale University, University of Nairobi’s Fab Lab, iHub, and the Organic Health Response.

At access:energy, all of our technologies are designed and built in-house, using locally sourced materials, for maximum client customization. Unlike other companies, we perform each step of the production process ourselves, meaning that our energy systems are uniquely synchronized for better quality and durability. This local production network provides our clients with end-to-end quality assurance, and guarantees our ability to provide exceptional service at a moment’s notice.