Our Technology


Visibility, control and trust are essential to any organisation. These fundamental requirements cost far more in emerging economies due to poor physical and institutional infrastructure. access:energy’s bitHarvester platform offers these as commercial business-to-business services in even the most remote contexts.

Each bitHarvester is modular and highly customisable. The central unit and 3G modem is the brains, this does the onboard processing and provides communications functionality via GSM and / or 3G. Several peripheries are then attached, making the technology customisable and expandable to almost any application.

Energy Operations Software

Stock control, customer relationship management and remote payment integration designed specifically for off-grid energy projects. Developed in the field by access:energy, now available to off-grid energy installers anywhere.

Hybrid Power Installations

Building on access:energy’s expertise in renewable energy, our hybrid solar / wind installations are engineered for maximum performance and cost effectiveness. We search far and wide to source the most cost effective technologies. We then pair them with access:energy’s own remote control and monitoring electronics, custom designing each system specifically to our clients’ needs.